Yunnan Top Ten Famous Teas 2020↹Yunnan Top Ten Famous Camellia Ranking

This article will talk about Yunnan Top Ten Famous Teas 2020 and the knowledge points corresponding to the ranking of Yunnan Top Ten Famous Camellias. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. Top ten Chinese famous teas 2. Yunnan tea brands 3. Who are the top ten famous Chinese teas in Yunnan? Black tea, Pu'er tea, Tieguanyin, Dahongpao, Huangshan Maofeng, Lu'an Guapian, Duanyan tea, Junshan silver needle, jasmine tea, the details are as follows: Longjing tea: Produced in Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with green and clear color and elegant aroma Long-lasting, fresh and refreshing aftertaste. For many years, Hangzhou has been famous not only for its beautiful West Lake, but also for its Longjing tea. Chinese tea has a long history, and all kinds of tea varieties are colorful, competing for beauty, just like a garden in spring, making thousands of miles of mountains and rivers extraordinarily enchanting. Taiping Houkui is produced in Huangshan District at the northern foot of Huangshan City, Anhui Province, my country. It belongs to the top tea among green teas and enjoys the reputation of "the crown of top tea". It is also a historically famous tea in my country because of its unique fragrance. It gets its name from "monkey rhyme". China's top ten famous tea rankings and origins: West Lake Longjing tea is produced in Zhejiang, Dongting Biluochun is produced in Jiangsu, Huangshan Maofeng is produced in Anhui, Lu'an Guapian is produced in Anhui, Junshan Yinzhen is produced in Hunan, Lushan Yunwu is produced in Jiangxi, Anxi Tie Guanyin is produced in Fujian, Keemun black tea is produced in Anhui, Mengding Ganlu is produced in Sichuan, and Baihao Yinzhen is produced in Fujian. Yunnan tea brands Top ten tea brands in Yunnan include Dayi Puer Tea, Octagonal Puer Tea, Chinese Puer Tea, Xiaguan Tuo Tea, Fucun Meiji Tea, Longyuan Puer Tea, Longsheng Puer Tea, Old Comrade Puer Tea, Langhe Puer Tea tea, Fuhai Puer tea. Longsheng Puer Tea Yunnan Longsheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd., a well-known Puer tea brand, a famous trademark in Yunnan Province, a famous brand in Yunnan, a large-scale tea enterprise in China, and a large-scale tea enterprise integrating tea planting, processing and sales. ②Xiaguan Tuocha Yunnan Xiaguan Tuocha Group was formerly known as Xiaguan Tea Factory in Yunnan Province. The tea factory was founded in 1941 in Dali, the largest pressed tea processing center and tea distribution center in Yunnan. There are too many famous Puer tea brands in Yunnan. The most popular ones are Dayi Group, Jihaotun Tea Industry, Lancang, etc. Emerging brands in recent years are also very popular, such as Jihaotun Tea Industry, which is a relatively Nice brand of tea. Bama Tea Industry: A well-known brand in the tea industry, Tieguanyin "Tea King", operates and produces various types of tea, including green tea and black tea. Feng brand: Yunnan Dianhong Group Co., Ltd., a well-known tea brand, founded in 1939, a time-honored brand in China, a famous trademark in Yunnan Province, and a famous brand product in Yunnan Province. Founded in 1999, Lao Comrade is a well-known tea brand in Yunnan. It mainly focuses on the production and sales of Pu'er tea, black tea and green tea. In the country, it is deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad. Which are the top ten famous teas in Yunnan? Lijiang Snow Tea, Green Spring Mayu Tea. Pu-erh tea is a special product of Yunnan Province and a product of China's national geographical indication. The top ten tea brands in Yunnan include Dayi Puer Tea, Bajiaoting Puer Tea, Zhongcha Puer Tea, Xiaguan Tuo Tea, Fucun Meiji Tea, Longyuan Puer Tea, Longsheng Puer Tea, Old Comrade Puer Tea, Langhe Puer Tea, Fuhai Puer Tea Pu-erh tea. Gaoligongshan: Founded in 1983, the "Gaoligongshan" trademark won the title of "China Famous Trademark", and the Gaoligongshan brand "Pu'er Ancient Tree Tea" and "Organic Pu'er Tea" were rated as "Top Ten Famous Teas in Yunnan". Passed organic food certification in 13 years. Icelandic Icelandic tea refers to the Icelandic big-leaf tea produced in Mengku Icelandic Village in Lincang City, Yunnan Province. It is a kind of Puer tea. It is characterized by a long-lasting aftertaste, and a stronger and more delicate sweetness than other teas. The price of Icelandic tea is chaotic due to hype, so you should choose carefully when purchasing. Yunnan Special Product 2: Snow Tea Snow tea is a famous tea in Lijiang, Yunnan. It has a very long history. Snow tea is a product of high mountain areas. It is natural and wild and cannot be cultivated artificially. Snow shovels can only be seen in Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain and other places. This concludes the introduction of the top ten famous teas in Yunnan 2020 and the ranking of the top ten famous camellias in Yunnan. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Yunnan Top Ten Famous Teas 2020↹Yunnan Top Ten Famous Camellia Ranking

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