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This article will talk about Jichuan Convertible Bonds and the knowledge points corresponding to the conversion price of Jichuan Convertible Bonds. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents in this article: 1. Purchase of convertible bonds 2. Analysis of the 2019 mid-year report of convertible bond companies: the distribution of profit growth presents an "inverted T-shaped" 3. A deep understanding of convertible bonds on 2022-06-21 Liquidity 4. Treasure When will credit convertible bonds start? 5. The strategy for the fourth quarter of 2018 convertible bonds: wait for the market to recover. After the purchase of convertible bonds, Jichuan convertible bonds need to wait for the result of the lottery. The result of the lottery is usually announced a few days after the release date. If the number of subscriptions is greater than the number of Jichuan Convertible Bonds won, the excess will be refunded to the investor's securities account. When submitting a purchase application, it is necessary to provide the correct certificate information to avoid failure of the purchase due to incorrect certificate information. Secondly, subscription means that investors apply to the issuer to purchase stocks or bonds through the subscription system of the stock exchange. During the issuance of new convertible bonds, investors can purchase these bonds through subscription. The first condition for purchasing convertible bonds is that they must be shareholders or creditors of the issuer. This means that if you do not hold the issuer's stocks or bonds, you cannot apply for convertible bonds. Therefore, before applying for subscription, you need to know the basic situation of the issuer, including stock code, stock price, bond code, bond interest rate and other information. First, you can directly apply for convertible bonds like applying for new shares. In the specific operation, enter the code, price, quantity, etc. of the convertible bond respectively, and finally confirm. The face value of convertible bonds is 100 yuan, and the minimum unit of purchase is 1 lot (10). Subscription of convertible bonds refers to an application to purchase convertible bond shares in the bond market. A convertible bond is a special corporate bond that can be converted into common stock at a specific time and under specific conditions. The basic concept of convertible bond subscription Convertible bond subscription means that investors can purchase convertible bonds at a certain price. Convertible bonds are convertible bonds that can be converted into stocks within a certain period of time. Not paying cash. Analysis of the 2019 mid-term report of convertible bond companies: the distribution of profit growth presents an "inverted T-shape" 1. Overall, in terms of Jichuan convertible bonds, the revenue growth rate and net profit growth rate of convertible bond companies in the first half of 2019 both declined, with a large Market capitalization companies performed better than small and medium market capitalization companies, and the structural distribution showed an "inverted T shape", with a higher proportion of negative growth companies and a decline in the proportion of medium and high-speed growth companies. 2. Issuing convertible bonds "bad" convertible bonds have both equity and debt properties, and the holders of the convertible bonds can convert them into stock Jichuan convertible bonds half a year after they are issued. 3. The company completed the issuance of convertible bonds in March, raising 7.3 billion yuan for the construction of the operation center in East China. After completion, the new production capacity of 45 million sets of intelligent controllers will be added to serve the customer base in the Yangtze River Delta, resolve the company's production capacity bottleneck, and improve the domestic layout . 4. Another name for convertible bonds is convertible corporate bonds. To put it simply, it is not only a bond, but also can be converted into stocks under certain conditions. Debt shareholders and increase profits. 2022-06-21 A deep understanding of convertible bonds Liquidity 1. From this we can see that Jichuan convertible bonds, convertible bonds have both bonds and stable Jichuan convertible bonds, and the fluctuations in stock prices are also indispensable. The excitement of Jichuan convertible bonds can also be used as a tool for asset allocation. In addition to pursuing higher returns, it can also be used to resist the risk of overall market decline. 2. Yes. Convertible bonds have both equity and debt nature. From an accounting point of view, generally convertible bonds are included in liabilities depending on their maturity. Of course, convertible bonds with a repayment period of less than one year belong to current assets. 3. Liquidity risk refers to the risk that the convertible bond cannot obtain sufficient liquidity in the market, thereby affecting its price. 4. But this is not the main reason. Convertible bonds are not very liquid. Many traded inactive convertible bonds. The bid-ask spread is a few percent. If the target is chosen wrongly, the book is likely to make money, but it cannot be balanced. The ups and downs of convertible bonds are huge, but if you make a mistake, the losses are much more serious than stocks. 5. First of all, investors need to understand the basic principles of convertible bond arbitrage, including the price difference, yield difference, and poor liquidity of convertible bonds. Secondly, investors need to understand the investment strategy of convertible bond arbitrage, including buying, selling, and holding. When will Baoxin convertible bonds start? The new bond listing and trading hours are 9:30-11:30 (continuous auction) and 13:00-15:00 (continuous auction) of each trading day. In the early trading on December 5, 2019, Baoxin Convertible Bonds (12800, 83, 26%) broke on the first day of listing, and the current price is 915 yuan. According to a Shanghai Securities News report on the 5th, the pace of convertible bond expansion continues to advance, but the performance of new bonds is getting weaker and weaker. The priority allotment date for the original A-share holders of this convertible bond issuance and the online subscription date are both November 17, 2017 (T day), and the online subscription time is T day 9:30-11:30, 13:00-15: 00. So, when will Baoxin convertible bonds be listed? The specific launch date has not been announced. Among them, 9:15 to 9:25 on the trading day is the call auction time, and 14:57-15:00 pm is the Shenzhen market call auction time. Convertible bond strategy for the fourth quarter of 2018: wait for the market to recover 1. The market sentiment is not good, and a large proportion of online abandonment of convertible bond issuance has also occurred recently, which has a greater impact on the primary issuance of convertible bonds. 2. Maintain a relatively high position, select varieties, and concentrate on holding positions. Due to the limited risk of convertible bonds, theoretically unlimited returns, it is especially suitable for heavy positions to hold excellent varieties. The first half of 2005 also proved the effectiveness of this operating idea. 3. If you hold it for a long time, generally within 0 to 2 years, there is a high probability that you will get a profit of about 300 yuan for one lot or 10 (convertible bond units, the same as stock shares). In this process, the price of the convertible bond sometimes falls below the cost price, but as long as it is not sold, it is only a floating loss, that is, no real loss occurs. 4. Subscription for arbitrage The issuance of convertible bonds adopts the method of credit purchase. As long as a stock account is opened, the newly issued convertible bonds can be purchased without prepayment of funds and market value of holding stocks. After winning the lottery, pay according to the amount of the lottery. 5. One of Brother Zuo's suggestions is to participate in new bond issuance, that is, to purchase newly issued convertible bonds. In the past two years, convertible bonds have become more and more popular. The main reason is: no threshold, low risk, and novice investors can participate and dare to participate. That’s all for the introduction of Jichuan Convertible Bonds. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. 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Jichuan Convertible Bonds➺Jichuan Convertible Bonds Conversion Price

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