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This article will talk about the White-collar Health Network and the knowledge points corresponding to the 2021 Workplace White-Collar Health Illustrated Book. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Don’t forget to bookmark this site oh. List of contents of this article: 1. What are the methods of white-collar health? 2. What health problems are lurking in the white-collar population? How can they be avoided or alleviated? 3. The methods of prevention and treatment of white-collar sub-health? You can get up every hour or so to do some activities, walk around, stretch your body, etc. Balanced diet: Office work is likely to form a habitual diet, which can easily lead to the lack of necessary nutrients for the body. You should control the amount of snacks and eat more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Proper rest: Sitting still at a desk for a long time is prone to muscle stiffness, cervical spondylosis and other problems. It is recommended to get up and move around at regular intervals, such as pouring a cup of tea or taking a walk for a few minutes. This can be beneficial to increase the amount of physical activity and improve blood circulation. Learn to laugh. You must always keep smiling. If you feel too much pressure, you can also try "laughing." Research has found that laughing is the best way to relieve stress. Rest your eyes: For people who often stare at the computer, the eyes are also easily damaged. It is recommended to step away from the screen every hour and take a squint break. Keep a happy mood: Try to avoid negative energy in the office and keep a happy mood. Balanced diet: A reasonable diet is the basis for maintaining good health. What health problems are lurking among white-collar workers? How can they be avoided or alleviated? Reduce wrist stress. Take a break every hour or so of work, and do more clenching and finger pinching movements, such as pulling your fingers toward the back of your hand. Or pick up some grip strength machines, hand exercise balls, and more. At the same time, keep your hands from getting cold. Third, exercise more and do more exercises to relieve fatigue. Sub-health is largely due to the lack of enough exercise in the human body. People in the workplace can do the following actions to relieve it. Improve shoulder and neck pain. It is recommended to buy a foam roller to relax the upper trapezius muscles. Finally, quit smoking and limit alcohol. What we can do is try to avoid contamination of the keyboard; use the keyboard membrane as much as possible to prevent debris from falling into the gaps of the keyboard, and clean the keyboard membrane frequently. If you really don't like the touch of the keyboard membrane, then stay away from the keyboard when eating snacks to prevent food crumbs from falling. Guide: white-collar health methods, most white-collar workers work in the office every day, although the work is not very heavy, but they always have backaches at the end of the day, white-collar health methods, you deserve it. Being busy is the main theme of modern life. White-collar sub-health prevention and control methods? To change your lifestyle, you must first have a regular work and rest time. It is best to go to bed before 11 o'clock. White-collar workers must ensure 7 hours of sleep every day. Three meals a day should be eaten regularly, and everyone must eat breakfast every day. Breakfast is very important to protect human health, maintain physical fitness, and improve learning and work efficiency. Cultivating hobbies with a wide range of interests will always bring benefits to people, so increasing our amateur interests is of great help to our health. Only a rich and colorful spare time life will make us more positive and optimistic. And when we devote ourselves to our interests, we can not only cultivate our sentiments at this time, which is of great help to our treatment. So how to prevent sub-health in daily life of white-collar workers? Let's take a look below. Proper drinking of health-preserving soup Busy office workers may start to get dizzy when they hear the word "soup stew", but it is also necessary to know some simple health-preserving soups. In simplicity and convenience, make your body healthier. To have a good sleep, you must first go to bed on time, do not go to bed when you are too full or too hungry, and you must also pursue quality rather than quantity. Whether you sleep well is not directly proportional to the sleep time, but proportional to the depth of sleep, so white-collar friends only have Getting enough sleep on time can more effectively prevent and treat sub-health symptoms. We can know that appropriate measures of some vegetables and fruits in the daily life of white-collar workers can not only promote the health of the spleen and stomach, but also help us supplement various nutrients, which is very good for promoting the health of the body. It can also relieve sub-health through steaming and detoxification. This concludes the introduction of the White Collar Health Network and the 2021 Workplace White Collar Health Illustrated Book. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

White-collar Health Network➣2021 Workplace White-Collar Health Illustrated Book

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